AVYCON Control4 Drivers


Integrate AVYCON IP Cameras

    – Adds support for AVYCON’s Plug & Play series


Integrate AVYCON NVRs


View live video on Control4’s interface

Control4 Integration

AVYCON’s integration with Control4 allows high-quality surveillance camera images to be monitored from anywhere. Using devices such as tablets, televisions, or smartphones, it is possible to view camera feeds both locally and away from home.

Our drivers will connect AVYCON Cameras and NVR systems with Control4 software, as well as enable the viewing of the cameras on Control4 device interfaces.

AVYCON offers a unique product lineup with a wide range of advanced features, including IP67/IP68, True WDR, and InfiniteStar technology for low light situations.

Registration and Download

1. You will need register with Control4 for an account. This account is necessary for you to update and maintain your Home Controller with the latest Control4 software and apply any Control4 software licenses needed for expanded functionality.

2. With the Control4 system, you will need different drivers for each piece of equipment you want to control. While you cannot download our drivers directly from Control4, we are continually improving the drivers with Control4 now to have AVYCON equipment integrated adequately with the Control4 software.

Note: For integration with AVYCON IP Cameras, the cameras will need to be operating in H.264 for live video to be seen by the Control4 Hardware.


Setting Up the Composer Software

This is the main software that is used to update and maintain your Home Controller. With this software, you can update the driver and manage different devices. We have tested up to version, though if you are using a specific version and are having compatibility issues, please let us know.

A. Double clicking the Control4 Composer, logging in with your account, and accessing the system, you will see the picture below. If you want to access the programming system, please select Local System to access and modify the system programming.

B. Select the correct Control4 hardware, then select Connect.

C. Click on Driver -> Manage Drivers. This is where you will input the driver files.

D. From the Manage Drivers window, click on Add Driver from the bottom right, select your correct driver, and then select Open.

E. Right-click the driver you just added and then choose Update…

You should be shown some information about the driver in the next window. Make sure Sync Newest is selected and then click on Update.

F. Back at the main interface, in the Search tab you can search for AVYCON and all AVYCON cameras added should appear.

Double click on the camera(s) you added, and you can configure the IP address and ports for each camera.

G. Input the correct camera information and double click the camera to check if there was a successful connection.

Your composer settings are now complete.


Viewing Cameras with Control4 CMS

Below is the interface for Control4 CMS. From this screen, choose “Security.”

From this menu, you can now access all cameras you have added.

Control4 IP Camera Drivers (Build Date: 11/16/17)
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Control4 NVR Drivers (Build Date: 08/17/20)
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