All-In-One 5MP DVR Demo



1. Launch Internet Explorer.


2. Click on the button above to be taken to the demo login page.

3. You should see a login screen with fields for entering a Username and Password. At the bottom of the page, you will see the following image. Click on the little puzzle piece and this will start a download of the plugin. Choose “Run” or “Open” to start the installation of the browser plugin. If your browser gives you a message about blocking the plugin, please follow the instructions on the ActiveX tab on this page.

4. After the plugin has successfully installed, close and restart your browser for best results.

5. In the Username and Password fields, enter the following information:

Username:  demo
Password:  1234

6. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a screen similar to the one above.

7. Near the bottom right of the web page, you will see some options as shown in the image above. By default, our interface will load the camera feed with the Sub Stream, which is a lower resolution stream designed to allow  a better remote viewing experience when a user might have a slower connection to the internet. By click on the Main Stream tab, you can pull up the full resolution of the camera you are viewing.

8. With our DVRs and NVRs, you can choose to view one or multiple cameras at the same time. By clicking on the grid/layout button near the bottom of the live view screen, you can change the layout of the cameras.

9. On the panel to the right of the camera streams, you will see some controls for various functions. To test out the quality of the cameras on our demo system, you can use the digital zoom controls. The magnifying glass with the + sign will zoom in every time you press it and the magnifying glass with the symbol will zoom the view out. Once in a zoomed in view, you can click and drag the view around the see different parts of the camera stream.

If you having any difficulty accessing our demo page, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department at +1-949-752-7606 or Email at


If you are having issues installing the browser plugins for our DVRs/NVRs in Internet Explorer, follow the instructions below to enable the plugins to install properly.

1. From the Internet Explorer top bar, click on the Tools icon and then select Compatibility View settings.

2. Make sure that the web address of the demo system you are trying to access is in the “Add this website” field and then click on the Add button, which will add the site to the list. Once you see it added to the bottom list, click on the Close button.

3. Click on the Tools button again and this time select Internet Options.

4. Click on the Security tab and then click on the picture labeled Trusted Sites. We are going to add the demo site to a list of sites that will allow ActiveX plugins to be installed. Next click on the Sites button.

5. Make sure that the demo site’s address you are trying to access is in the Add this website to the zone field and then click on Add. You may need to disable the option titled Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone in order to add the site. Once it has been added, click on the Close button.

6. Now find the Custom level button near the bottom of this window and click on it.

7. Scroll down through the list seen above until you see the options Download unsigned ActiveX controls and Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls… They will both need to be changed to Prompt if they aren’t already. After you have changed those two options, click on OK and then if a window comes up with the message asking “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?“, click on OK.

8. Back at the Internet Options window, just make sure to click on the OK button to save all changes. Now hit the F5 keyboard button or click on the Refresh button to reload the demo web page and now your browser will allow any plugins to be installed off our demo site(s).

How to install AVY Mobile CVMS on an iPhone

1. Find and tap on the App Store icon


2. In the App Store, search for “AVYCON” and select the “AVY Mobile CVMS


3. Tap on the INSTALL button to install the app and then wait for it to complete. Then click on the OPEN button that appears and wait for the app to launch.



4. You will be presented with a screen introducing the features of our AVYCON Mobile CVMS app. After swiping through all the features listed, tap on the Start button.

b      c


6. You will now be adding information for the demo H. 265 NVR

B : Choose a name for the DVR Entry (ex: 5MP Demo NVR)
C : DVR/NVR Username (Default Username : demo)
D : DVR/NVR Password (Default Password: 1234)



7. After confirming that everything was entered correctly, tap on the PREVIEW button



8. You might be presented with a tutorial on all the programs features after you have successfully connected to the demo system. Tap on the Ok button once you finished reading about all the new features.

step1     step2


9. The demo system’s camera feeds should start to show. As you can see below, you will see the video streams on the upper part of the screen and then the channel/camera selection buttons on the bottom half.

A : Cameras live video feed
B : Cameras channel numbers



  •  By quick double tapping on a certain channel, it will bring that channel into a single channel mode.

135        198


  •  By tilting your phone, the video streams will show up in full screen.


  • You can select different channels by two different methods

– By swiping the screen left or right
– By selecting the channel number
s    full

How to install AVY Mobile CVMS on Android

1. Find and launch the Play Store app.


2. Search for “AVYCON” and select the “AVY Mobile CVMS“.


3. Tap on INSTALL and let the install complete. Then tap on OPEN to launch the app.


4. You should see this launch screen while the app is loading.


5. You will be shown a small tutorial if this is the first time launching the app. After swiping through all the features, tap on START.


6. Add DVR Information for our demo system:

1A : Enter in domain name:
1B : Type in name of your DVR/NVR: AVYCON Demo All-In-One
1C : Demo DVR Username : demo
1D : Demo DVR Password:  1234
1E : After confirming everything is correct, tap on PLAY.


8. If successfully connected, you will see a tutorial show on screen with tips on how to use the Live View. Swipe through all pages until you arrive at the live screen.


9. Camera feeds connected to our demo system should now appear on the screen.:

2A. Cameras channel numbers
2B. Cameras live video Feed


10. To enlarge a certain camera view, you can double tap on that square and it should bring the camera into a single-camera view.


11. By tilting your phone sideway, You will be able to view the camera feeds in a full-screen view. Tilting the phone back will give you the original view.


12. When in the single camera view, you can select different channels by two different methods:

3A : By swiping the main camera live feed.
3B : Selecting the channel number choice to display.